5 Ways to Train Your Puppy Using Freeze-Dried Treats

When training to teach your puppy a new trick or encourage a desired behavior, tasty dog treats can be used as positive reinforcement. By providing a delicious snack when your puppy does something right, your puppy can learn that if they do it again, they’ll get more delicious treats. Our ACANA® Freeze-Dried Treats are a great option for training your dog as they come in a bite sized pieces that pack big flavor! Here are 5 fun ways to use training treats with your puppy:

  1. Training basic obedience behaviors. Simple behaviors like sit, down, come and stay are totally new concepts to a young puppy. These are the basics that will help them become well-mannered as they grow older. Using a delicious treat will not only reward them for doing the right thing but can be used to lure your puppy into the right position when they are first learning what you want from them.
  2. Once your puppy has a grasp on the basics, you can begin to add some fun tricks. These more advanced behaviors are a great way to stimulate your puppy’s mind and challenge them. The options are endless — teaching them to high five, rollover, or bow are just a few ways to keep your intelligent puppy busy.
  3. Teach positive reinforcement when you’re grooming them. For young puppies, things like getting a nail trim, being brushed or bath time can be new and overwhelming to them. You want to ensure you are setting them up for success by making it a positive experience. Using yummy dog treats during these times teaches them that these activities are not only okay, but that they get rewarded for them! This positive reinforcement will make for no fuss maintenance as an adult dog.
  4. Help your puppy get potty trained. As your puppy learns where they should and shouldn’t go to the bathroom, using a yummy treat as a reward when they go in the right place helps to teach your puppy what they should be doing.
  5. Teach them to behave on walks. Every dog and puppy alike loves a good walk, and having a pet that walks calmly beside you makes it more enjoyable for you as well! While your puppy starts out pretty small, before you know it, they will be bigger and stronger, so you don’t want them pulling constantly on the leash. That’s why it’s important they start learning how to walk on a loose leash when they are young. You can start out in the house or your own yard so there are less distractions, and when your puppy is walking calmly beside you, simply reward them by giving them a treat. They will begin to learn that being beside you on walks is a great place to be, and they also get treats for it! Before you know it, you will have a puppy on a loose leash walking beside you.

There are many methods you can use when training your puppy with freeze-dried treats, and each puppy is unique in what they need. It’s a great idea to connect with a local trainer or take part in a puppy training class to learn some training basics and get help geared directly to your puppy’s individual needs.

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