Find fun new ways to bond with your furry friend and show them the love they deserve

How to tell if your cat is lonely

Bringing a kitten home is one of the most exciting moments we cat lovers experience in our lives. When I brought Bandit (my now seven-year-old cat) home from the shelter, he was as curious as a bat and as rambunctious as a monkey.

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Keeping Your Dog Safe During the Holidays

Life can get a little chaotic during this time of year. With all the things we have to keep our attention on during this time, sometimes we aren’t as great at supervising our dogs like we do at other, less busy, times of the year.

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Why You Should Adopt a Rescue Cat

Deciding to adopt a cat is a life-changing decision that we hope you’re excited about! Here are 5 essential things to consider before choosing your feline.

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