Why Feeding Your Indoor Cat Wet Food is So Important

The life of an indoor cat is very different from that of their outdoor counterparts, but no less full of happiness. Feeding your indoor cat appropriate meals is an integral part of giving them a healthy life, and that means providing them with nutritious and hydrating wet food on a regular basis. ACANA PREMIUM PATE™ wet cat food fits the bill perfectly, delivering all the nourishment cats crave with plenty of animal protein and hydration.

Why is Wet Food Important for Cats?

Cats’ ancestors came from the desert, where water was usually in short supply, and as a result they have a very low thirst drive. This can be worrying for some Pet Lovers, because it seems like their cat isn’t getting the water they need. But while cats may not often go to a water bowl for their hydration, they do rely on wet foods to get the liquids they need.

There are ways for people who feed primarily dry kibble to increase their cat’s thirst drive — like agitated water bowls that have a better chance of sparking the cat’s interest — but by regularly providing wet food, there’s no need to go above and beyond to get your cat to drink. Wet foods give cats the hydration they need and provide the animal protein content they crave, all while making your life simpler.

What Wet Food Options Are Available for Cats?

ACANA PREMIUM PATE™ recipes take into consideration all your indoor cat’s needs, delivering wet food that is not only delicious, but full of ingredients that delight your pet.

Recipes like Chicken & Fish in Bone Broth, Beef, Chicken & Tuna in Bone Broth, and Lamb & Lamb Liver in Bone Broth are all crafted with 85%animal ingredients. They also include savory bone broth, giving your cat the hydration they need, and no grain ingredients2. Instead, they focus on plenty of hydration and quality, raw animal ingredients.

Why Are Animal Ingredients So Important?

One of the features that makes ACANA PREMIUM PATE™ and other ACANA products so distinct is the high animal content. Not only is this a nod to cats’ natural cravings, but it’s the kind of food that is most appetizing to them. And since most domesticated cats don’t have the ability to go out and hunt, Pet Lovers need to be sure their cat’s food is rich with animal ingredients.

Ingredients that go into ACANA PREMIUM PATE™ include raw tuna, raw beef, raw lamb and chicken — all high-moisture content animal ingredients. These inclusions help cats feel their best, since they’re both nutritious and taste so good.

Start Feeding Your Kitten Wet Food Early

It’s important to expose your kitten to wet food early, so there’s a better chance they’ll be attracted to it as an adult. Feeding kittens both wet and dry food is crucially important, because if a kitten’s stomach experiences a diversity of food as it’s developing, it will be more likely to tolerate a variety of food formats you give them later in life. Just like adults, wet foods provide kittens with hydration and diet variety, so you want to make sure they’re used to it.

When it comes to wet food, try the ACANA PREMIUM PATE™ Chicken & Tuna Kitten Recipe. This protein-rich pâté will give them animal ingredients like raw chicken, tuna, chicken bone broth, fish bone broth, chicken liver and salmon oil, and has been specially crafted to support their development.

Wet food is critical to cats, not only because of the health benefits, but because of the tastes they crave. By feeding them ACANA PREMIUM PATE™, you’re ensuring they have all the animal protein and hydration need to be their best!

1Exclusive of water; approximate value.
2Produced in a facility that also processes grains.
Our raw ingredients are frozen at their peak freshness