Why We’re Obsessed with Our Ingredients

We know pet nutrition is important to you, and we want to reassure you that we’re obsessed with every detail that goes into your pet’s food. The truth is, we’ve always been obsessed with our recipes and ingredients, because we’ve always been obsessed with pets! As fellow Pet Lovers, our phones are also filled with photos of our furry friends, our homes are decorated in artwork inspired by our pets, and we would do absolutely anything to ensure our pets are happy and healthy.

We’ve always prided ourselves on ensuring every ingredient in ACANA™ recipes is there for its premium nutrition and flavor. A large part of how we achieve this is by following our ACANA Commitments dedicated to Whole Food Nutrition, Care at Every Step, and Visible Vibrancy and Health.


We obsess over every detail of our ingredients, from recipe creation to supplier selection and beyond. In fact, we’ve known and trusted many of our suppliers for years, and each one goes through a rigorous onboarding process before we even determine if we’ll include their ingredients in our premium recipes.

Whether it’s our free-run* poultry, farm-raised meat, fish or fresh produce, we go above and beyond to select our suppliers and ingredients to ensure your pet gets the very best nutrition available. This includes visiting our suppliers for in-person audits on food quality and safety, ensuring that their kitchens are just as clean as ours, and that their practices meet our stringent safety standards. We’re also in constant contact with our suppliers — some we talk to almost daily — so our relationship feels more like family! These are just some of the ways we maintain positive relationships with our suppliers, and foster a feeling of trust in the quality of the ingredients we use in our recipes. We hope you feel that trust every time you feed your pet our food.


Our ingredients are so important to us because we believe in providing ingredient-based benefits. Many pet food companies add synthetic nutrients and vitamins that pets need. Whenever possible, the nutrients pets need come from the nutritious, Biologically Appropriate ingredients that we use to craft our foods. This is a large part of why we believe in feeding pets ingredients based on the nutrients that dogs and cats need, like nutrient-rich organs, liver, and mineral-rich bone. By balancing our protein-rich recipes with wholesome fruit and vegetables, we can add even more benefits with naturally occurring fiber and nutrients to help your pet be their best.

There’s a lot that goes into sourcing good ingredients — and that’s just the start of what makes our food so nourishing for your pets. Because just like you, when it comes to your pet, we’re obsessed with giving them the best!

*Our free-run chickens and turkeys are not housed in cages and are able to move in a barn without outdoor access.