How Do We Go Above and Beyond With ACANA Pet Food?

Did you know every ACANATM kibble recipe sold in Canada is crafted in Canada?

For over 35 years, ACANA pet food has been crafted in our prairie homeland in Canada. In fact, our unique name was inspired by our birthplace in Alberta, Canada. Today we continue to craft our premium recipes in our world-class kitchen in Acheson, Alberta. This not only gives us the opportunity to give back to the Canadian economy we started in, but it also allows us to support some of our suppliers who are local Canadian farmers, fishers and ranchers. We believe premium pet food starts with high quality ingredients crafted into nutritious recipes in our world-class kitchen, and that’s a standard we’re passionate about upholding.


Not only are our premium recipes crafted in Canada, but many of our nutritious fresh or raw ingredients come from Canadian suppliers, many of whom we’ve known and trusted for years.

This includes Norpel, a supplier of raw fish that we’ve been partners with since 2018. Their nutritious fish includes protein and Omega-3 fatty acids that help support a healthy skin and shiny coat to keep your pet looking and feeling healthy. We also source 100% of our fresh chicken from Canadian farmers. Our fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from Sunfresh Farms in Alberta. Both of these suppliers have been partners with ACANA since 2011. Our eggs have been sourced from Epic Eggs in Lethbridge, Alberta for 10 years and counting, nourishing your pet with their nutritious animal protein.

In addition to our amazing Canadian suppliers, we’re proud of the fact that we also search the world for quality ingredients to add to our recipes from suppliers who are the experts in their field, which is why talented New Zealand farmers have been supplying us with quality raw lamb since 2015!


We proudly craft our recipes in our kitchen in Acheson, Alberta. This state-of-the-art facility was specially built to properly house our nutritious ingredients and craft our premium recipes up to our standards. Because our recipes contain so many fresh animal ingredients, our kitchen includes a large space just over half the size of a football field that houses custom machinery to help store and mix our fresh or raw ingredients safely and properly.

More fresh ingredients mean more naturally occurring nutrients are retained in the recipe crafting process, providing your pet with wholesome benefits, as well as the hearty, meaty flavour they crave.


We’re incredibly proud of the food quality and safety standards in our Canadian kitchen, many of which go above and beyond pet food industry standards. We want our pet’s food to be just as safe as the food we eat ourselves, so we’re passionate about ensuring we continue to provide pets with safe and quality food. See how we go above and beyond testing your pet’s food below.

    • Formulated to AAFCO & FEDIAF requirements. 
    • We monitor nutrient values as a requirement in some states or countries, and so we don’t rely on assumptions based on our ingredients. 
    • Digestibility, Stool & Palatability testing help us validate that our foods are providing nutrients that dogs and cats need. 
    • Feeding Trials give us confidence that our food is safe for long-term feeding. 
    • We continually test nutrient values in our ingredients so we can target vitamin and mineral supplementation, allowing us to add only what’s needed.
    • Regular nutrition testing is performed on finished products to ensure nutrition specifications are what we expect them to be.


We’re dedicated to continuing to craft your pet’s favorite recipes right here in Alberta, Canada in our state-of-the-art kitchen, using wholesome ingredients in premium recipes we rigorously test. After all, we want your pet to feel so good inside, that you’ll see it on the outside!

NOTE: Our included fresh ingredients use refrigeration as the sole method of preservation and our included raw ingredients are frozen at their peak freshness.