Easy DIY costume ideas for your dog!

Halloween is right around the corner, and we’re giving you tips and tricks to make this the best Halloween ever! We’ve done the hard work for you and complied our 3 favorite DIY dog costumes for you to try this Halloween. We also have some yummy treat recommendations your dog deserves to try this year.

DIY Dog Costumes

Before you fill your pup’s basket with some Treats, you need to give them a costume so easy it’s scary! While dressed up pups can be adorable, we also want to make sure they stay safe and comfortable this Halloween. Here’s 3 easy DIY dog costumes (that your dog won’t hate):


A classic and oh so spooky costume that takes 5 minutes to create. The ghost costume is a great way to dress up your dog when you’re stretched for time. Plus, this outfit doubles as a comfy blanket your pup cuddle up in. All you need is a white sheet and some scissors. Cut holes for the eyes and nose, and Boo! you’re done.

Stuffed Toy

Ever think your dog is so cute they could be a stuffed animal? Well now they can be! This costume may be the easiest dog costume with one simple step of printing off a stuffed animal tag and attaching it to your dog’s collar. Caution: may be too cute to handle.


Last but not least, our 3rd favorite DIY dog costume is the mummy. While it may seem like all you’re doing is wrapping up your pup in a bunch of random materials, that’s exactly what you’re doing — and that’s why we love it! The mummy costume is a crowd pleaser and requires one thing: something that looks like gauze. Just use bandages or cut up old t-shirts or blankets and wrap your pup up. We suggest doing it loose enough to make sure they’re always comfortable, but it’s up to you on how mummified you make your pup!

No Tricks, Just Treats

One of the best parts of Halloween is indulging in treats, and your dog shouldn’t miss out on the fun! Luckily ACANA® pet food has everything you need. For example, ACANA® Freeze-Dried Treats are packed with protein and nutrients, so your dog gets all the treats — with no tricks. Plus, they come in a festive Beef & Pumpkin Recipe that’s rich with beef, fiber-rich, and as healthy as it is delicious. Another treat your dog is sure to love is ACANA® High-Protein Biscuits. These heart-shaped treats are crafted from just 5 simple ingredients and are a great way to show your dog you love them this Halloween. All recipes also include plenty of animal ingredients and sweet potato, so they taste as good as they look!

We hope you and your best fur friend have the best Halloween ever! Be sure to show us your costumes by tagging #AcanaDog and @acanapetfood on Instagram.